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ON GUN CONTROL: After giving the subject further thought

    Here's what I see as an almost insurmountable challenge to enforcement of most Gun Control laws: According to Mark Overstreet, a Research Coordinator for the National Rifle Association, no less, there are an estimated 3,261,725 (more than three and a quarter million) automatic and semi-automatic rifles in the United States.

    An "assault rifle" refers to a rifle with fully automatic firing capability. The NRA defines A semi-automatic rifle that requires a trigger pull to discharge one bullet at a time, a "sports rifle."  

    In 1934, the Federal Government passed a "Gun Control" act that required registration by owners of certain firearms with the Treasury Department, and  $200 (stamp) tax was imposed on fully automatic weapons—at that time, specifically related to the Tommy Gun, invented in 1918 by John F. Thompson

    However, in 1968, an amendment to an act passed in response to the assassination of President Kennedy changed things dramatically. The Supreme Court nullified the legislation due to the imposition of a registration requirement. The Court ruled that requiring a purchaser to register a yet unregistered firearm violates the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution; the one that forbids self-incrimination. I'll wait until you've absorbed this...

     What we need is a Federal law making it a felony for any person or purveyor to sell any weapon deemed capable of causing death or serious injury to any individual or entity who is now on, or has ever been on the present "Terrorist Watch" or "No Fly" lists.

    That's just the beginning. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco. Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) should develop and maintain a website that would list the names those on the above lists and the names of criminals guilty of three or more felonies, as well as persons whom courts have ruled are a danger to themselves or others.

    Can we at least agree that insane people should not have guns? 

    Again, I'm not talking registration. This is about commerce. 

    Proposed: If anything like the above should become law, and if you still want to sell me a gun, you had better check with the proposed website at ATFE first to see if I'm listed. If I am not, you, the seller, will still be obligated to report the sale to ATFE. The onus would then be on the seller.

    Again no panacea.  Criminals and crazy people will buy and sell guns. If any such legislation as I touched upon above is adopted, the Federal Courts would have their work cut-out for them, for in every case, all of the rules pertaining to due process, trial and appeal should continue to apply.


   -Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Mencken


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